Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. I woke up excited to see messages from my kids to their Daddad. It was getting late in the morning and still there was none. So I sent them all a message using our family chat box in Facebook : “Hey, it’s Father’s Day today and nobody remembered to greet him. Are you all that busy to forget?” It was then I knew that they did, in a private message. That means, I wouldn’t know. And that means, it was between them and him and I am out of it. That means, I should not have been accusing. The chatbox is our main form of communication, I forgot there are a ton of ways my kids can connect with their Dad. The chatbox is a very convenient way to communicate, especially, both of us, my husband and me are working as OFWs in Dubai while my children are in the Philippines.

I was bent on making the Daddad of my children happy, especially on Father’s Day. Although all Daddads in the world deserve to be happy everyday of their lives.

Anyway, I invited my childrens’ Daddad to a dinner to celebrate and thank God for a lot of things – for giving me my husband to be the father of my children; for giving me life’s companion who, all the time, puts the interest of the family before his own; for giving me a person who is so unselfish beyond compare; for giving me a soulmate who is able to love me and my children in the weirdest of ways.

We both go out on a date often, we always find a reason to celebrate. A dinner out on a Father’s Day would be no different at all, but giving him a hug and a kiss with a whisper “happy Father’s Day, my love” made all the difference. He seldom smiles, but when I saw that elusive smile, I knew, it was not just an expression of love, but of contentment as well. I know he is happy, and we are making him happy. An answered prayer, a bonus from heaven.

Going back to the greetings from my children. My husband’s reply was, “Greetings or no, I will be always happy knowing that you all are.”

I can’t thank God enough.

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